Quick Glossary

Itch List

A list of all the things you are itching to do- copying the Mona Lisa, climbing the Eiffel Tower, asking your really cute neighbour out,

everything goes!

Stories of Us

A blog of sorts that features the stories of The Itch List's users as they go about scratching off itches and growing with every experience.


Scratchbook is a virtual record of your awesomeness and all the itches you have scratched-off (completed).

Buddy Up

It's a feature that allows you to befriend anyone who shares your itches, has already scratched them off or just someone you'd like to have a one-on-one conversation with.

What is an Itch List? I know of Bucket List, is that the same as an Itch List?

Well, sort of. Except that we believe in setting less dramatic deadlines! You don't have to wait till you're going to 'kick the bucket' to do the things you're itching to do. In fact, that might be a little too late ;) We encourage people to get going on their wishes, plans and grand designs NOW. And if a deadline is what you need, we will let you set one.

How will TheItchList.com help me?

In so many ways! The Itch List will help you commit to your itches by putting them down in pixels and sharing them with other people. It will prevent you from procrastinating by urging you to add a 'Scratch-by-date' to every itch. Its database of members is bound to have some people who share your itches, and you can Buddy Up with them to scratch your itches together. And every time you scratch one off, you can savour the pleasure of seeing it showcased in your ever-growing Scratchbook.

How does The Itch List work?

It's quite simple. A quick glance through our 'How It Works' section should set you up. In case you've still got questions, you may find the answers in 'Chit-Chat'. If the question isn't already discussed, just start a new Chat and we'll help you figure it out.

How do I start?

Just sign up and add any itches you can think of to your Itch List. Or browse through the Trending Itches section for ideas and add those. If you find any itches that you've already scratched off (good for you!), then go ahead and add them to your Scratchbook.

What should I put on my Itch List?

Anything interesting that you have been itching to do. A hobby, a travel plan, a recipe, an experiment.If it's been on your mind, it belongs on the Itch List. Unless. it's sexual, promotional or nasty. We run a clean ship here and we'd appreciate your help with this. So if you spot anyone posting such stuff (in itches or comments), just report it to smriti@theitchlist.com and we'll make sure it's taken off. And in case someone keeps posting offensive stuff, they'll be scratched off our list!

I have trouble scratching off an item on my Itch List. How do I seek help?

Buddy up! Chit-Chat about it! Or if you're feeling shy, drop a comment on the itch and hope for help. There are many features on The Itch List to help you scratch-off your itches. Buddying Up with someone who has already scratched an item that you are itching to scratch, or someone who is also itching to scratch the same thing as you can make your plan a lot easier and more fun.

What is a Scratchbook?

Scratchbook is a virtual record of your awesomeness and all the itches you have scratched off. It is your journal, your reward and the ultimate tool to flaunt your accomplishments. (Sneak a peek here at Smriti’s Scratchbook.) To get a headstart on yours, you can add itches that you hadalready scratched before finding us.

How can I share my Scratchbook with my friends?

There are sharing buttons available for Facebook, Twitter, Pintrest and Google+ alongside everyitch. Just click on those, and write a message for your friends. You can share you Itch List and every Itch you add or scratch with your friends the same way.

What is Stories of Us? Can I send my story to be featured there?

Stories of Us is the place to go when you want some inspiration. It's a blog that brings together the stories of The Itch List's users as they go about scratching off itches and learning from every experience.
To share your story on it, just mail it to us at blog@theitchlist.com. It can be a video or a narrative, with or without pictures (though we'd love to see you in your moment of glory).

Can I make my Itch List and all other activities private?

Yes you can. We value your privacy and so we offer you the option to make everything you do on The Itch List private. You can switch on private mode through the Edit profile button on your Homepage.

I find a particular user offensive in his comments/ discussions/ personal messages to me. What should I do?

To stop receiving personal messages from the user, you can Un-Buddy him. The option to do that is on your Buddy's Profile.. To report abusive, offensive or generally inappropriate comments email smriti@theitchlist.com with the name of the user and if possible, a screen shot of the activity. Thank you for helping us to keep the creeps at bay.