Create your Itch List

Think off all those things that you daydream about doing- however crazy, trivial or impossible they may seem- and put them down here. Even if it’s just changing your hairstyle. This’ll help you remember. If nothing is coming to mind, don’t panic, just find ‘inspiration’ in Trending itches (exercise, chopsticks and new languages are probably even on the Queen’s list). And to keep procrastination at bay, add a scratch-by date to each. Deadlines bring out the best in us!

Buddy up & start scratching

Inertia is one of the strongest forces known to man. So you might need a buddy or two to help you beat it and get going. Ask your friends to step up, or become friends with people who share your itches or have the key to scratching them. Before you know it, you’ll be well on your way to eating with chopsticks and abusing in a foreign language.