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The underlying theory behind The Itch List is to scratch that itch that has taken a backseat because life took to the steering wheel.

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Her remarkable idea of creating an online portal for listing your dreams has helped her create a community of dreamers and achievers.

The Itch List, comprising things they want to do in their life and don’t wish to wait for years to do.

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Itching to go on a trek, climb the Everest, pick up a hobby or travel solo? Chances are you’ll be thinking about it every time things get tough in life or you are bored at work, but not do much.

The Itch List Helps Prioritize Your Bucket List

The Itch List captured the top slot with her concept to propel people to scratch their itch, in short, go after what they really want to do.

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This quirkily-named website is a ‘bucket list’ site that incorporates the social element to incentivise — or rather, pressure — you into completing your goals.

The winning idea, 'The Itch List' is a social networking site bringing together like-minded individuals to share and fulfill their buckets lists.

Salvate Your Bucket List Craving with Smriti Modi

The Itch List – A cool female startup

Unfulfilled dreams should annoy us until we address them. The Itch List understands this,

Thanks to the folks over at The Itch List, a product that will give us a means of staying on track with our life goals is just around the corner.