Our Story

One day.
That’s when we plan to do all the things we absolutely MUST do
on this planet. Climb Mount Everest. Learn to salsa. Hug Ryan Gosling.
Judging from the number of things we’ve left for this day,
chances are we won’t get to do most of them (there are no salsa
instructors on Mount Everest or nearabouts).

So it’s best to start now! You don’t have to do everything you’re itching
to do today but keep yourself focussed by putting a scratch-by date to it.
Next week. Christmas. Before Justin Bieber hits puberty...
Make a plan and invite your buddies to help, or buddy up with like-itched
strangers and start scratching. You will keep finding stuff to add to your
itch list but this way, you’ll also build a Scratchbook worth bragging about!