Month: July 2016


Hiking tips for Newbies

I remember the mixture of excitement and anxiety while preparing for my first hike. It did not help that we had just watched Thelma and Louise the night before. The similarity was uncanny, we were also only 2 girls going...

/ July 26, 2016

Roopkund Trek: Two Nouveau Trekkers and a Mysterious Lake

It was our last month in college. And as we sat on the threshold of corporate world, enjoying last of our happy- go- lucky days, my friend Deepika and I decided to go for a trek. We had been planning...

/ July 24, 2016
pokemon go

Should you play Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go has literally taken over everyone’s life, beating tinder in the U.S as the most installed app. Only the lord of all apps snapchat is ahead of it. In terms of google search, it has been dominating the search...

/ July 24, 2016

10 free things to do in Kolkata

Kolkata, the city of joy, has something to offer to everyone. Doesn’t matter if you are loaded or broke, settler or traveller, concrete-lover or nature-lover, each one of you will find your own flavour and indulgences in this all embracing city....

/ July 15, 2016
Lodhi Garden. C-

12 Free Things to do in Delhi

Yes, that is not a contradictory, paradoxical, Schrodinger’s cat in a box or not in the box sentence. ‘Tis is true. There are things in Delhi that you can actually do for free! Delhi might stand at number three, right...

/ July 12, 2016

Love Rains? These quotes remind us why it is the best season!

Ever seen someone longingly looking at the sky waiting for summer or winter to arrive? No, right? But must have seen a lot of people waiting for clouds to gather and for rains to come, so much so that it...

/ July 8, 2016