Month: November 2016

You never know what you will come across on the road. Here's one in Assam passing through the Kaziranga National park

The North East Series: Assam

The biggest state in the north east, Assam is probably also the most well known. It is renowned across the world for its scenic tea plantations, diverse wildlife and rich culture. Assam also happens to be the most easily accessible...

/ November 18, 2016
Shams attempted a 6 km open sea swimming event and finished in 1 hour 40 mins 28 seconds becoming the first paraplegic with 100% disability to do so

Swimming Against the Tide

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! It takes a lot of courage, commitment and dedication to make your dreams come true. Scratching an itch is never easy and sometimes, it is even harder than usual. For those of us...

/ November 9, 2016

The North East Series: Manipur

Facts About Manipur Jawaharlal Nehru called Manipur, “The Jewel of India” The international sport of Polo was invented first in Manipur! It is known as Sagol Kangjei. When the British came to Manipur, they were so impressed, they went on...

/ November 5, 2016