Wanderlust: A strong desire to travel. A longing for places you don’t know. It stimulates your imagination and makes you daydream of foreign lands. Meet a happy victim of this addictive and incurable Wanderlust.

Adyasha Dash, recommends travelling to liberate the soul. An extensive traveller from the very beginning, she is always planning her next trip – it may be a short weekend getaway, or a long holiday. It’s not surprising that the blog she started because of her itch to write about food and travel quickly expanded its influence, inspiring people and motivating them to travel. The Wandering Mind brilliantly captures her fascinating journeys and also helps fellow travelers with their planning.

Adyasha Dash Paris

Adyasha has always had itchy feet, itching to cover distances and when asked to name one favourite destination, she hesitates to give a single answer. She says, “While Goa is the cheapest and easiest place to get to, a place like Kashmir or Kerala can leave you mesmerized. Being from Orissa myself, I feel it’s one of the states that has not received its due when it comes to tourism since the state has a lot to offer. But if I had to bring it down to one destination, then it has to be Ladakh. I was speechless with its beauty. It’s a must see and I think every Indian should consider visiting Ladakh before thinking about Switzerland or the like.” She gushes on about its tranquillity, the friendly locals and its picturesque beauty.

Adyasha Khardung la

Elucidating the pros and cons of travelling solo, she remarks that travelling in a group is fun due to the shared experience with friends, while travelling solo allows one time for introspection and act independently. Travelling solo, she remarks, gives you freedom from responsibilities for another person and also enables you to mingle freely with locals. The scary part about travelling alone is loneliness, right? Wrong! Adyasha says that travelling alone actually is more interesting and you get to bump into all kinds of fun people and other solo travellers. While being spontaneous is commendable, proper research is important. All the more if you are a woman. Safety is a priority and before anything else, you have to be responsible for yourself, she says.

Adyasha Dash Lion

She is not only enthusiastic about travel, she is also a huge foodie! When asked about the weirdest food she has ever had, she remarks that butter tea, or Gur Gur as the Ladakhis called it, was infinitely weird. She explains further, “It’s made up of tea leaves, yak butter, salt and water. I was explained its numerous health benefits, but there is no way I am having that tea again.”

On talking about a memorable experience, she declares Sky Diving at Mauritius the best thing she has ever done while travelling. “There is something about jumping off a plane that is 10,000 feet above the ground and then experiencing the freefall as you look down upon the vast blue ocean beneath you. That was one of the most liberating experiences I have ever had.”

Being affected by wanderlust is not easy she declares. Taking care of expenses, taking out time in the middle of work is difficult. And no matter how much you travel, she says it is always less. There is always an itch for more and it never suffices. Currently, she is itching to go to are Croatia, Iceland and Ranthambore. “I think I am going to make Ranthambore happen next year!” Such is the calamity of wanderlust, sweeping you off your feet on your next big adventure and promising to be unpredictable.

Adyasha Dash Switzerland

We are sure that you already know how wonderful it is to travel. You are familiar with the joy that comes with booking a flight, packing your bags, and setting sail. But hope Adyasha’s story acts as a small reminder. Hope it gave us that tiny little push of travel inspiration and teases our wanderlust more. Start making you own itch list now!

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