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Archie added Learn Scuba Diving to his Itch List

Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving in India: Destinations and Tips

Scuba Diving is the most thrilling, calming and stimulating adventure sport, all at once. All of us at some point have had an itch to explore new worlds and there’s no better way to do that, then to take a...

/ October 19, 2016

We are hiring!

And because we detest being stuck to a desk or couch, the biggest perk of joining us is 365 days annual leave!

/ September 26, 2016

Roopkund Trek: Two Nouveau Trekkers and a Mysterious Lake

It was our last month in college. And as we sat on the threshold of corporate world, enjoying last of our happy- go- lucky days, my friend Deepika and I decided to go for a trek. We had been planning...

/ July 24, 2016

10 free things to do in Kolkata

Kolkata, the city of joy, has something to offer to everyone. Doesn’t matter if you are loaded or broke, settler or traveller, concrete-lover or nature-lover, each one of you will find your own flavour and indulgences in this all embracing city....

/ July 15, 2016

Itchy Tales Meet-up: of South America

“That’s when I ate insects for the first time.” With that line, globetrotter Meher Moos made sure she had the undivided attention of everyone in the room. Moos, who has stamps from 183 different countries sprinkled across her 18 passports,...

/ June 15, 2016

Ultimate Guide to Cliff Diving (Cliff Jumping) in India: Locations and Tips!

Cliff diving is a simple and the most ‘raw’ extreme sport. It can be really effortless and done spontaneously. Can be so intense that it’s often believed to be just a level below ‘Base Jumping’. Cliff diving is freedom and...

/ May 16, 2016
Ladakh The Itch List Bucket List road trip lake

Itchy Getaways: Road trip to Leh Ladakh

Scratching the Ladakh Itch: Take the most unforgettable road trip of your life! Home to the gompas (Tibetan Buddhist Monastaries) and supernatural locales, Ladakh has been on top of almost every Itch List we know! Snow capped mountains, hair pin...

/ May 3, 2016

Globetrotting Girls India, Win a Scratch Map!

Almost half the year has zoomed past, board exams have happened, financial year has ended, appraisals have happened (for the lucky few!), summers have struck India in full glory. Summer holidays for adults is still not a thing, but that’s...

/ April 19, 2016

Borivali National Park: Jungle in the Metropolis

In the past few weeks we have been counting our blessings with the abundance of Wildlife in India. If you live in India, these 8 National Parks in India  deserve a space in your Bucket list! There is a National...

/ April 6, 2016

Win an Instant Camera with The Itch List

Summer Giveaway: Win an Instant Camera with The Itch List As you prepare for your summer adventures, we give you a chance to win an Instant Camera. If you are already on The Itch List, you probably have a long...

/ March 30, 2016
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Popular Bucket List Items by TheItchList

Popular Bucket list Items on TheItchList Making a Bucket List is the trend. Everyone from American President, Barrack Obama to Bollywood Superstar, Shahrukh Khan have shown determination to knock things off their respective bucket lists. In the last one year,...

/ March 29, 2016

Leap Day: Make The Most of the Extra Day!

2016 is a #LeapYear thus, 24 more hours. 1440 more minutes. 86400 more seconds. Make every second count. Give One Day to Your Dreams. Do the Little Things you're Itching To. Scratch That Itch.

/ February 24, 2016