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You never know what you will come across on the road. Here's one in Assam passing through the Kaziranga National park

The North East Series: Assam

The biggest state in the north east, Assam is probably also the most well known. It is renowned across the world for its scenic tea plantations, diverse wildlife and rich culture. Assam also happens to be the most easily accessible...

/ November 18, 2016

The North East Series: Manipur

Facts About Manipur Jawaharlal Nehru called Manipur, “The Jewel of India” The international sport of Polo was invented first in Manipur! It is known as Sagol Kangjei. When the British came to Manipur, they were so impressed, they went on...

/ November 5, 2016

The North East Series: Sikkim

Everything you need to know about Sikkim in a concise manner! Read all about food, activities and tourist destinations that are both popular as well as off beat. This season, expand your horizon and explore a whole new place!

/ October 30, 2016

Get Ready for The Biggest Triathlon Yet!

This fall, how about doing something so big and epic that you will be telling stories for years to come? What is a triathlon? A set of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines that range from running, cycling to swimming. There...

/ October 19, 2016

Itchy Tales: Seeking Eccentric Adventures

Here at the Itch List, we like to push boundaries and constantly seek out individuals who do just that. Going against the grain is a difficult choice, but read about Mohit Pradhan who took the leap and hasn’t looked back...

/ October 3, 2016

Hiking tips for Newbies

I remember the mixture of excitement and anxiety while preparing for my first hike. It did not help that we had just watched Thelma and Louise the night before. The similarity was uncanny, we were also only 2 girls going...

/ July 26, 2016

Pet Cafes in India: Take Your Furry Friend for a Pet’s Day Out!

For every single time you have had to leave your pet at the door of your house, there is now a reason not to be so upset anymore. Going out to hang out with friends or spend some time off,...

/ June 27, 2016
Online Courses_ItchLIst

New Announcement: Get Published in the Deccan Herald!

Stories are meant to be shared! Travel is one of those universal itches that unites all of us at The Itch List. From awe-inspiring tales of off-beat wandering, brave encounters with adventure to hilarious misadventures, these stories make us laugh,...

/ June 21, 2016

Finding Dory Movie Review : Dive into the life underwater

In a year of sequels and prequels,it’s safe to say that Disney’s Finding Dory was a feverishly awaited movie for a lot of us. Finding Nemo, the predecessor had already left us wallowing in its cuteness and the magnanimous beauty of...

/ June 18, 2016
Always thriving with eager customers!

9 Food Items Which Makes Delhi a Foodie’s Paradise

To get a full taste of the entire country, and even the whole world, what better place than the capital? They say, no one is an “original Delhite”. Everyone has come from some corner of the country and brought a...

/ June 16, 2016
Kathi rolls at Zaika, Jadavpur

Food Trail Kolkata: 10 things you must eat!

The City of Joy isn’t called so for nothing! From history, art, culture and food- Kolkata is an eclectic mix of the heart and soul that enlivens the mind. Home to a diverse population that is of course predominantly Bengali,...

/ June 14, 2016

Announcing All New Itchy Merchandise!

Amazing things are happening here at The Itch List! We have got an Itchy Getaway lined up for you and Itch List even made it into the Urban Dictionary! Our group of achievers has grown from strength to strength and...

/ June 6, 2016