This fall, how about doing something so big and epic that you will be telling stories for years to come?

What is a triathlon?

A set of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines that range from running, cycling to swimming. There are variations of course, depending on need and preparedness of the participants. It entered the Lympics fairly recently in the 2000 Sydney Olympics and entered the Paralympics as recently as this year! Covered over a large distance, a triathlon is mainly an endurance test that aids health in the long run. Increased cardiovascular activity improves lactate threshold and research has shown that people preparing for a triathlon develop fewer injuries than those preparing for a single activity like running. Right from the moment of preparation to the day of the event itself, the journey of a triathlon is an exciting and nerve-wracking roller coaster ride!


The most popular triathlon events are running, swimming and cycling

Itch to run a triathlon:

A triathlon is one of those few bucket list events that you cannot spontaneously jump up and scratch off. Of course, you could– but it would not be medically advisable if you have been a couch potato the year round 😉 That is why a triathlon is not merely a race or a competition to win. It’s a much larger journey that you undertake with yourself- push your physical limits and emerge a much stronger, healthier person. By no means a new event, a triathlon has been part of our history for a long time now and continues to invite individuals to test their mettle. In fact, Milind Soman did India quite proud when he won the world’s most challenging triathlon, The Ironman Triathlon held in Zurich last year. At the age of fifty, he completed a 3.8-km swim, a 180.2-km cycle ride and 42.2-km run without any breaks in 15 Hrs and 19 minutes! Do read further about amazing adventurers and their remarkable feats here.

milind soman

Milind Soman completed Ironman, the world’s most difficult triathlon in Switzerland

The Biggest Triathlon in India is here!

Have we got you all jazzed up?

We are partnering with ClassHopr Wellness Private Limited & Hindustan Times for the biggest Triathlon in India, possibly even the whole of Asia! So if you are in Mumbai on the 13th of November, this is really the place you want to be. We have got events lined up across different levels of comfort and even a training camp!  And after the blood, sweat and toil, do not forget to let loose at the Fitness Carnival later. Take your pick and get, set, go!


Aquathon: 100 m Swim + 5 Km run


Duathon: 7 Km Bike + 5 Km Run


Dream Sprint: 100 m Swim + 5 Km Bike + 1.5 Km Run


Relay Sprint: 150 m Swim + 5 km Bike + 2.5 km Run


Sprint Pro: 300m Swim + 19 Km Bike + 7 Km Run


Fitness Carnival:

Round off the sweet victory with a carnival that celebrates fitness! A 3 hour music fiesta that incorporates zumba,  pilates, crossfit, taekwondo dance, groove on power yoga, piloxing, kick boxing, beat the heat with hip hop, line dancing and many more! Explore new fun ways to keep fit and happy with new people.

Date: 13th November. 9 am- 1 pm

For more details, head to their official website. For those of you who have had running a marathon, a triathlon on your Itch List- this it it! And for those who have not, give this a try! They even have a Training Camp for those jittery and unsure of what to expect. Grab this opportunity to celebrate your body and human potential. And of course remember, these events are not a race. It does not matter if you win. What matters is you tried and completed a very difficult circuit. So go ahead and more than anything, have fun!


Nike Triathlon Quote

About ClassHopr:
ClassHopr is aiming to redefine the fitness industry. There are many different types of fitness activities one can choose from but not all fitness forms suit an individual’s body type. Classhopr wants to address that at and also introduce a curation system to filter the trainers most suitable for you. ClassHopr is working towards becoming the gold standard in fitness & sports, thereby providing appropriate practices straight from the accredited talents in the business. Providing access to the best facilities under a single membership allows the member to explore a wide variety of fitness & sports activities and also ability to be flexible based on their needs.
Classhopr wants to add variety to a person’s fitness routine and hence they came up with the Triathlon idea as Mumbaikars never got the opportunity to do that in their city. They want to give them an experience which will excite them to take up fitness as a daily habit and start exploring newer opportunities. ClassHopr Triathlon is a success because people in Mumbai appreciated change with arms wide open.


For more such fun events, check out The Mud Rush that happened last year!


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