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Get Ready for The Biggest Triathlon Yet!

This fall, how about doing something so big and epic that you will be telling stories for years to come? What is a triathlon? A set of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines that range from running, cycling to swimming. There...

/ October 19, 2016
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New Announcement: Get Published in the Deccan Herald!

Stories are meant to be shared! Travel is one of those universal itches that unites all of us at The Itch List. From awe-inspiring tales of off-beat wandering, brave encounters with adventure to hilarious misadventures, these stories make us laugh,...

/ June 21, 2016

Itchy Tales Meet-up: of South America

“That’s when I ate insects for the first time.” With that line, globetrotter Meher Moos made sure she had the undivided attention of everyone in the room. Moos, who has stamps from 183 different countries sprinkled across her 18 passports,...

/ June 15, 2016

Announcing All New Itchy Merchandise!

Amazing things are happening here at The Itch List! We have got an Itchy Getaway lined up for you and Itch List even made it into the Urban Dictionary! Our group of achievers has grown from strength to strength and...

/ June 6, 2016
Ladakh The Itch List Bucket List road trip lake

Itchy Getaways: Road trip to Leh Ladakh

Scratching the Ladakh Itch: Take the most unforgettable road trip of your life! Home to the gompas (Tibetan Buddhist Monastaries) and supernatural locales, Ladakh has been on top of almost every Itch List we know! Snow capped mountains, hair pin...

/ May 3, 2016
Which route you choose can affect your acclimatisation

Itchy Getaways: Bike to Leh-Ladakh

Scratching the Ladakh Itch: Ride your bike on the world’s highest motorable road! No Bucket List (or Itch List!) is complete without a trip to Ladakh! Biking into and around Ladakh is the Holy Grail of biker-trails anywhere in the world. Bang in the...

/ May 3, 2016

Globetrotting Girls India, Win a Scratch Map!

Almost half the year has zoomed past, board exams have happened, financial year has ended, appraisals have happened (for the lucky few!), summers have struck India in full glory. Summer holidays for adults is still not a thing, but that’s...

/ April 19, 2016

Win an Instant Camera with The Itch List

Summer Giveaway: Win an Instant Camera with The Itch List As you prepare for your summer adventures, we give you a chance to win an Instant Camera. If you are already on The Itch List, you probably have a long...

/ March 30, 2016
grape stomping wine festival

Grape Stomping: What Is It Really?

“Stomp, stomp them grapes and make that wine Put it in a bottle, boys, and ship it on down the line” -Mel Tillis, Stomp them grape Inspite of all the hype in popular media and folk lore, apparently Grape Stomping...

/ February 2, 2016

From Wine Newbie to Wine Enthusiast – Wine Tasting Basics

A beginners guide to Wine Tasting by The Itch List. Follow these steps and you won't be intimidated by the wine-snobs anymore!

/ January 28, 2016
Itch Lists Scratch Cards

Itchy Tales Meet-up, Singapore: Travel Itch Lists 2016

Kick starting 2016, The Itch List held it’s the first event of the new year, outside India. Aparna Saxena, the Singapore lead got an inspiring bunch of long-term travellers and travel enthusiasts together for a Meet-up in Singapore last Sunday...

/ January 27, 2016
The Itch List’s Secret to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution – Don’t Keep it a Secret

The Itch List’s Secret to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution – Don’t Keep it a Secret

The Itch List’s secret to keeping your New Year’s Resolution – Don’t keep it a secret. How many times have you broken a New Year’s resolution? If your answer is all the time, 2016 might just be different. The Itch...

/ December 16, 2015