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Stories of people pushing themselves out of comfort zones. Diving, jumping, flying – off mountains, bridges or air-crafts. Read how people scratched the itch for an adventure!

Shams attempted a 6 km open sea swimming event and finished in 1 hour 40 mins 28 seconds becoming the first paraplegic with 100% disability to do so

Swimming Against the Tide

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! It takes a lot of courage, commitment and dedication to make your dreams come true. Scratching an itch is never easy and sometimes, it is even harder than usual. For those of us...

/ November 9, 2016
Archie added Learn Scuba Diving to his Itch List

Ultimate Guide to Scuba Diving in India: Destinations and Tips

Scuba Diving is the most thrilling, calming and stimulating adventure sport, all at once. All of us at some point have had an itch to explore new worlds and there’s no better way to do that, then to take a...

/ October 19, 2016

Itchy Tales: Seeking Eccentric Adventures

Here at the Itch List, we like to push boundaries and constantly seek out individuals who do just that. Going against the grain is a difficult choice, but read about Mohit Pradhan who took the leap and hasn’t looked back...

/ October 3, 2016

Hiking tips for Newbies

I remember the mixture of excitement and anxiety while preparing for my first hike. It did not help that we had just watched Thelma and Louise the night before. The similarity was uncanny, we were also only 2 girls going...

/ July 26, 2016

Roopkund Trek: Two Nouveau Trekkers and a Mysterious Lake

It was our last month in college. And as we sat on the threshold of corporate world, enjoying last of our happy- go- lucky days, my friend Deepika and I decided to go for a trek. We had been planning...

/ July 24, 2016
Enroute Sudhagad Fort in Maharashtra

Go Monsoon Trekking with these groups in Mumbai: company makes all the difference!

The first showers of the much awaited monsoon have hit Mumbai! Rains bring in plans for weekend drives and monsoon treks across several peaks near Mumbai. With so many treks, itineraries and trekking groups, it’s a task to figure out...

/ June 30, 2016

Finding Dory Movie Review : Dive into the life underwater

In a year of sequels and prequels,it’s safe to say that Disney’s Finding Dory was a feverishly awaited movie for a lot of us. Finding Nemo, the predecessor had already left us wallowing in its cuteness and the magnanimous beauty of...

/ June 18, 2016

Ultimate Guide to Cliff Diving (Cliff Jumping) in India: Locations and Tips!

Cliff diving is a simple and the most ‘raw’ extreme sport. It can be really effortless and done spontaneously. Can be so intense that it’s often believed to be just a level below ‘Base Jumping’. Cliff diving is freedom and...

/ May 16, 2016

The Bare Necessities: The Jungle Book Movie Review

An eagerly awaited movie that takes us on a trip down memory lane.

/ April 11, 2016
Jim Corbett_National Park

Top Tips for visiting a wildlife reserve in India 

With summer almost knocking doors in most of India, the next few months are a great time for wildlife lovers to go on their favourite expeditions! It’ll be hot, yes – but that also means that wildlife sightings will be...

/ March 28, 2016
Ladies Toilet_Womens Day

10 Things only a Woman Traveler will understand

If traveling is your thing, if all you do in your free time is to conspire your next travel destination, and if you re a woman – these are 10 things you will totally understand! You don’t really need to...

/ March 8, 2016
Road through Wilpattu

The Long Walk – Hampi to Sri Lanka – 3000 Km!

Sri, Sam, and Harsha, set out on a 3000 Km journey retracing Lord Hanuman's epic quest from the Ramayana.  They walked 1200 kilometres across South India from Hampi to Kanyakumari, followed by a 2000 Km bike ride around Sri Lanka. 

/ March 1, 2016