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Time to pause, rewind and re invent – Get a new hobby today! Knowing how to dance, cook, craft, photograph, yoga can take you a long way. Let us help you be a Jack-of-all-trades.


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/ September 26, 2016

Libraries in India – for the love of paperback books!

As holiday-makers to exotic destinations in Europe or the Americas, visiting beautiful libraries is often on the Bucket List – appreciating the beautiful architecture, walking through the aisles, admiring their collection. Visiting libraries in India, however, is not something we do...

/ May 12, 2016
Smartphone camera

Smartphone photography hacks from the Pros!

Photography continues to be an exciting aspect of our vacations, weekend sprees or eating out sessions. Learning professional Photography is also a popular Bucket List item! And while everyone has the latest photo equipment from a DSLR camera to a...

/ April 28, 2016
People Judge you by the Wine you order copy

What Your Wine Preference Says About You

Wine-snobs begin to judge you even before the whole sniffing and swirling and stuff begins. It starts with what you order! People Judge you by your wine preference. Let us tell you how!

/ February 3, 2016

From Wine Newbie to Wine Enthusiast – Wine Tasting Basics

A beginners guide to Wine Tasting by The Itch List. Follow these steps and you won't be intimidated by the wine-snobs anymore!

/ January 28, 2016
Josh: Quit Job as an Engineer to be a Nurse

Josh: Quit Job As An Engineer To Be A Nurse

Quit your job. Follow your passion. Chase your dreams. Make the most of your one life. Such cliché statements  come up so often that they may have lost their impact. But think about it for a moment, haven’t you ever...

/ October 13, 2015

5 Things That Will Leave You Stunned At a Concert! (Not the Band or the Music)

For music lovers like me, concerts are  some of the best, most memorable experiences life has to offer. There’s absolutely nothing more surreal than being in the presence of someone whose music you truly admire. When I went to hear...

/ September 29, 2015

Why I was wrong about the Formula 1

2011, the first time that Formula 1 came to India was also the first time that I witnessed a Formula 1 race at a circuit! LIVE! There was so much excitement across cities which were practically painted in the chequered...

/ September 21, 2015
Blackboard with chalk

This Teacher’s Day, Reconnect

It’s easy to keep in touch these days; the advertisements would have you believe. They are not wrong-we have Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, emails, Skype, the obsolete text messages and phone calls- we have a plethora of ways. Hell, even this...

/ September 5, 2015
Lost in translation

Lost in Translation?

Ever wish you were fancy enough to speak fluent French? If you are like me and love the not-so-fancy anime, Japanese manga/anime is your go-to comfort zone, which means Japanese culture and language is a huge deal and learning it is big...

/ July 12, 2015
Swimming 101


For a lot of people, swimming is an incredibly exciting experience undertaken with passion. For another lot, swimming is the exact opposite. Stepping into water itself is a scary thought and learning swimming is a different experience altogether. Learning how...

/ June 29, 2015
Old Man and Touchscreen

Treading the Unfamiliar

  We were evolving. Laptops were the rage. We didn’t have one. All we had was the lousy outdated desktop. That desktop was an embarrassment. It was what stopped me from obtaining a free pass into the so called ‘cool...

/ June 19, 2015