Dance Styles According to your Zodiac Sign:

Do some beats get your groovier than others? Did you ever wonder why a certain kind of dance style appeals to you more than the others? For some the mesmerising music of the Tango could be sultrier than the hot beat of the Salsa. Others find solace in the calm of ballet or the energy of Bollywood! Maybe the reason lies in your sun sign! Sometimes, planetary alignments do influence big decisions and sometimes it influences the very person you are. From the way you react, to your moods, luck and even the kind of workout that works best for your body- knowing what works for your zodiac could help you to figure some big questions. Read more here to know about Dance Style that suit your Zodiac Style!

Dance Styles for Aries

Fearless and full of unbridled stamina, holding the interest of Aries for too long is almost impossible. For the free spirited Arian, the enthusiasm and intensity of this passionate sexy dance, though is a natural attraction. Swift turns, gentle caresses and sharp angles- the sexy Salsa beat gets most Arians tapping their feet involuntarily!


Dance Styles for Taurus

Compassionate and nature loving, Taurus needs a a challenge that is fun and rewarding. For the aesthetically conscious Taurus, the elegance of Pasodoble is a quick love-at-first-sight. Like the headstrong trust-worthy Taurian, this dance too reflect trust, partner co ordination and chic movements.


Dance Styles for Gemini

With a penchant for adventure, Gemini has a reputation for wanting something hatke. Synonymous with vibrance, colour and honesty, the openness and buoyant steps of Bollywood are a perfect fit for Gemini. Vivacious and entertaining, this style is a beautiful complement to the dynamic Gemini.


Dance Styles for Cancer

Serene, calm and measured- Cancer is a reminder of all things noble and sanctimonious. For the vintage lover Cancer, Waltz is a reminder of old world charm and Great Gatsby fashion. For the fervent zodiac, this style mixes royal grace and simplicity in ecstatic harmony.


Dance Styles for Leo

Physical and passionate, Leo has a penchant for a good ol’ twist. Expressive and dramatic, Leo is known for its wild sauciness. The fiery proximity of a step and sudden distancing of Tango is an eloquent form for Leo that matches its gentle but fierce side.


Dance Styles for Virgo

Meticulous and committed, Virgo are known for their love for discipline. Few can match the precision and grace required for Ballet. But if its anyone, we are willing to bet on the perfectionist Virgo. This style that requires so much attention and training is a form of challenge as well as stress relief for the zodiac that loves a winning a challenge.


Dance Styles for Libra

Unconventional and forever poised, Libra inspires balance and liberation. For the soulful Libra, Jazz is an instant identification as it combines sentimentality, depth and technique into into soul stirring dance form. Slow, upbeat and smooth, this style is a manifestation of Libra’s co ordinated composure.


Dance Styles for Scorpio

Within that easy going chilled exterior, is the complexity of emotions of Scorpio that few manage to crack. Hip hop with its hidden technique under marked simplicity, with its energy and speed and cool swerves is perfect for the zodiac that manages to remain determined in the face of all adversities.


Dance Styles for Sagittarius

Esoteric and reticent, Sagittarius are known for their wit and humour. Always up for a challenge, the combined art of jazz and ballet in contemporary dance form holds great interest for them. Deep arches and poignant steps exemplify their artistic, strong-willed, versatile nature.


Dance Styles for Capricorn

Prudent and practical, Capricorn is a wonderful example of rational stoicism. Known for their patience and self control, Capricorn is likely to take to this form that intersects luxurious opulence with skilled training. Rapid movements and flamboyance is a hallmark of this Flamenco and is sure to sweep them off their feet!


Dance Styles for Aquarius

Agile and always up for experimenting, Aquarius is always up for new things! Cha Cha is a light, enjoyable form that gets anyone giggling and bursting with excitement and sure to tantalise the cheerful Zodiac.


Dance Styles for Pisces

Creative and social, Pisces love having a good time. Sensual and graceful with its gliding curves, Pisces is sure to take a fancy to this elite Ballroom style that reminisces splendour and seductive proximity!


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