Excitement in the air for the Holi – India’s popular spring festival. But given the need for water conservation and the harmful effects of the chemicals in the Holi colours – playing Holi the good old way can make you super guilty.

We’ve put together 10 interesting ways in which you could celebrate Holi without the guilt of depleting the already stretched water reserves. If you are the one who doesn’t want to make the mess you can still enjoy the festival of colours. Holi is the perfect day to knock these things off your Bucket List:

Have a Colour Block theme party!

In the spirit of celebrating with colors, throw a Colour Block party with your buddies. Colour Blocking is an increasingly popular style, where you take opposite colours on the color wheel to create contrasts on your dress, nails, accessories or even the table cloth :-)!

holi bucket list

Celebrate with Color Blocking!

Paint a Colorful Graffiti in your bedroom!

I wanted a graffiti wall in my room since my hostel days. I couldn’t that time and eventually it faded off my bucket list. Until now, this Holi I am itching to rekindle that dream and you can do! Get your siblings, buddies or even parents to get together and just your imagination and colours. Paint your bedroom walls or furniture! The impact of this colourful celebration will last long after Holi is over.

colour ful bucket list

Do a festive cook-off

Get your buddies together for a Holi special cook-off. Look up recipes of mouth watering Holi savouries and cook them together. Gujiyas, Malpuas, Puran Poli, Pakode. there are interesting Holi special recipes from across the country. It you want to add some thing unique, how about making a rainbow cake. Of course, no Holi would be complete without some Bhaang and Thandai would it!


Paint your first Canvas!

It’s never too late to get that easel and canvas out, is it! And while you don’t need Holi to tick off canvas painting off your Bucket List, it’s a certainly is a good start! Paint Away!

paint a canvas

Play a color-free Holi in your swimming pool

Get those water squirters out and have a blast with water in your swimming pool, color-free of course! This way you enjoy all the fun of playing with water but don’t really use any extra water reserves!

pool holi bucket list

Jump into the pool this Holi

‘Make your Own Organic Colors’ Party

Skip the water and get your buddies to together to make your own colours. People have been making organic colours from turmeric, spinach, saffron, beetroot or even tea or coffee! You could try these and come up with some of your own ‘recipes’. The influence of ‘bhaang’ may get some creative juices flowing 😉


Get together for some Folk Songs

Have a Holi ‘mehfil’ in your garden armed with a ‘dhol’ and other musical instruments you may have. Look up the traditional (or Bollywood if you’d like) Holi songs that your buddies can sing together. You can use minimal colours of course, but the real fun will be as you dance along to the dhol and folk songs!

holi itchlist

Let the music be traditional this Holi!

Get that hair colour you’ve been contemplating!

To colour or not colour! If that’s what you’ve been treading between, Holi is a great excuse to jump in and get those streaks coloured! Do you know the range of hair colours available today is wider then the ones on any Holi Palette.


Go Paintballing!

Come to think of it, Paintball is really the evolved, competitive form of Holi isn’t it! Get your buddies together over a game of Paintball – it’s all colour and very little water. And all the paint mess is over your paintball costume – take it off and you re as mess free as before!


Add Color to an old Bottle

Making some pretty DIY art is on everyone’s Bucket List. You many not want to make a mess of your skin and hair but no harm in getting your hands dirty to recycle something dull, like a trunk or a wine bottle? Paint and give new life to an old bottle! Make it into a colourful lamp or perhaps a flower vase. So don’t trash that wine bottle today – use it for a colourful Holi instead!




How are you itching to play Holi this year?

the itch list


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