Stunning scenery, beaches, mountains, volcanoes, there are so many miracles of nature that amaze and surprise us while traveling. And sometimes nature also plays pranks on us. We are not talking about an out of season rain shower. We are talking about gravity-defying zones or downright hilarious man-made creations that are too funny to be true. Today we compiled a list of such funny travel attractions that may seem like a prank at first. They will not only leave you scrambling to add them to your bucket list but also rib-tickled with laughter! On this occasion of April Fool’s Day, gather around ye merry mates, let’s play a little game.

5 out of 6 of these funny travel attractions are true! Can you spot the prank?

Mystery Spot, California:

Literally a mystery spot, this site just outside the redwood forests of Santa Cruz experiences haywire gravity! Discovered in 1939 and opened to the public in 1941, this place bends all familiar rules of physics! That too, this is a natural anomaly! Around a diameter of 150 ft, standing here you can observe disorientation in height, water flowing backwards and several other bizzare phenomena!

mystery spot-adventure

In the Mystery Spot!

Mano Del Desierto, Chile:

Is that a mirage? Is that The Hand from Addam’s Family? Right in the middle of Atacama Desert near the Panamerican highway, this nightmarish hallucination is a tryst to human pranks meant to scare people off guard. Looming out of endless sand and taller than your average building, indeed it has accomplished it’s goal. Sculptor Mario Irarrazabal built this 36 Ft giant hand in order to emphasise human vulnerability and desolateness. No better place than a scorching, vast desert in the middle of nowhere huh?


Helping hand, anyone?
(C) SoyChile

Gesture, Prague:

Yep, you saw that right. The work of former Cracked writer,David Cerny, this piece of arcitecture sits in the vicinity of the Prague Castle (the presidential residence). Considered as a symbol of political cynicism ahead of the 2013 General Elections, this giant purple ‘gesture’ does generate a lot of curiosity and sends a signal loud and clear. With a clear reference to the Velvet Revolution and the history of oppression under the communist regime, this one combines political satire, art and architecture in one gigantic gesture!

adventure prague

(C) Daily Mail

Book Your Hotel on Mars:

Ahead of the MarsOne expedition, there is already a set of housing and adventure resorts set up in Mars! From fantastic views of the Milky Way to Dust Surfing and a new form of martial arts that takes advantage of Mars’ low gravity, this one would be an adventure of a lifetime! Hurry, advance booking has already started! Can’t believe your eyes? Head here for flabbergasting details!


Chartered rover rides anyone?

Oregon Vortex, Oregon:

Another shady area with paranormal activities, this site experiences optical illusions due to a gravity hill. Popular lore has it that in ancient times, horses refused to cross this area! This place has also been mentioned in several prime time shows like X- Files, Supernatural and debated on Factor or Faked: Paranormal Files. At some angles it seems like the place is rolling upwards! Some miracle of nature eh?

Entrance to the House of Mystery

Entrance to the House of Mystery

Mouse temple, Rajasthan:

The Karni Mata Temple located 30 km from Bikaner has approximately 20,000 resident black rats that are diligently revered by the locals. The rats are worshipped as Karni Mata’s male children’s re incarnation and people from far and wide come to pay their respects. If fact, food nibbled by these rats are considered “holy” and an honour. In the midst of all the black rats, a chance meeting with a white rat is considered a blessing since that it Karni Mata’s reincarnation herself!

Did you spot the fake? This April Fool’s Day, spread the cheer and humour! And don’t forget to add the remaining five to your Itch List for some nerve-wracking adventure!



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