Adult Colouring Books Are In!

Adult colouring books are flying off the shelves and are a rage all over the world! These books that you thought you left behind in the good ol’ days of your childhood are no longer the playthings of the kinder gardeners. With intricate patterns, elaborate designs and secret treasures lurking in every corner- the adult colouring book is a maze to discover and a wonderful distraction from the humdrum events of life.


My Adult Colouring Book

If it has still not made it to your Itch List (Bucket List), let me tell you just HOW popular they are. Five of Amazon’s (UK) top 10 last week were adult colouring books, as were six of Brazil’s top 10 non-fiction list. Last year in France, the combined colouring-in industry sold 3.5m books. The publishing world is smitten and amazed at this universal phenomenon and here in India it seems, we are not far behind! Adult colouring books are selling like hot pan cakes and why not! I received mine as a birthday gift this year from Aparajita Ray and needless to say, it has been quite an experience! Inspired by that, she went on to buy herself a copy and the tribe of fans increases everyday!

Therapeutic Charmers

Apart from the aesthetic pleasure of just sitting and flipping through ornate, pretty images- the book is focused towards relieving stress and uplifting any mood. Just grab pens and start filling the black and white pages with choices of your colour! It engages the brain just enough to be in a light, breezy mood but not too much to work up a frenzy. In fact, ardent colour-ers swear that it helps relieve anxiety, distract from harrowing work and the creative spin makes one feel like a true artist! It also works like a charm for people who are stuck in the house, bed-ridden, or in general just anxious- as it helps relax the mind and sedates you into a tranquil mood.

adult colouring books

The Personal Experience

Personally, I have noticed the detailed drawings require some time and an imaginative mind. In an average, I manage to finish maybe 1/3rd of a page in an hour. And that works beautifully because it is not a race and you can take all the time in the world to colour it just the way you like it. In fact, at the rate I am progressing, seems like I will be colouring for a long, long time. Free time after meals, during a long flight, a break from classes/work/people in general seems the best time to start pouring yourself on your personal art project. Unlike children’s colouring books, these are very detailed and even encourage you to add your own designs. There’s a lot of free space to doodle, fine lines to fill and colours to play with. The rule, I guess is that there is no rule!

Aparajita's artistic cravings gain fulfillment in her copy of The Secret Garden!

Aparajita’s artistic cravings gain fulfillment in her copy of The Secret Garden!

Aimed at young adults, working people and even senior citizens- there are various themes to choose from. I have the Secret Garden for example and the book is full of intricate flowers, vines, creepers, fauna and mystical forest sceneries where I am lost in a maze, discover a door behind the trees or find a treehouse. Similarly, the Magical City, Lost Ocean and many others work around a theme and create it with incredible insight and talent. There is no “progressive difficulty” or linear motion in the pages, each one is a surprise.


Adding some colour to my noir life.


Of course, the adult colouring book is a nostalgic experience and reminds one of younger days spent sharpening colour pencils and taking care of outlines. But the massive success of this enterprise is probably more than the nostalgic factor. In a break from everyday worries, concerns and “adulting”- a colouring book is a refreshing break. It’s an art of sitting down and doing something utterly mindless and yet beautifully profound.

Have we inspired you to pick up your sketch pens and doodle like there’s no tomorrow? Let us know what you think about the colouring book trend in the comments section below!

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