India will be celebrating its 69th Independence this year. I remember looking forward to 15th August as a child not just because of the laddoos and celebrations that would happen in schools but also because so much glory and struggle around this day would make eyes go wide with wonder and pride. Things changed with entry into adulthood and it became another holiday to laze around. But why let it be so every year? The itch list has come up with activities you can do on and around Independence Day! So no more lazing around, do something historic on 15th of August.

Visit Red Fort and watch the Prime Minister hoisting the Tricolor!

Independence Day at Red Fort

And not just watch the flag hoisting, but also the colorful parades and installations by the various Indian States.

Get to know India’s history by visiting the National Museum


Since it’ll be closed on 15th August, make sure to visit it someday close to it. The sense of how expansive and versatile India’s history is, will leave you astounded. For schedule and other information, visit their site here.

Attend poetry sessions!



A lot of poetry sessions happen on Independence Day in various housing societies to Rotary Clubs, with local to renowned poets participating in it.

Remember the Martyrs by paying a visit to their Memorials

Amar Jawaan jyoti

Gandhi Smriti, India Gate and a lot of other places that you can visit to honour the martyrs, and also take a walk or have a picnic with friends and families.

Organise Independence Day function in your locality!



And encourage the kids as well as adults to participate in competitions like a bicycle race, badminton etc. Or have a friendly cricket match, what can be better than that!

Participate in Workshops

India Habitat Centre Workshop

Such as the photography workshop organised by India Habitat Centre on the occasion of Independence Day. For more details, go here.

Throw an Independence Day party!



Why should only Americans be the one going gaga over 4th of July, right? Wear your party hats and dance the night away.

Go on a weekend getaway!



And what better place to go than to go to Wagah Border to watch the retreating ceremony. The nearest big town to the border is Amritsar in Punjab. You can take Samjhauta Express or travel via road as Wagah is only 45 minutes from Amritsar.

Independence day is not just another holiday, it’s a day of national importance when a lot of things have to be remembered and celebrated, while also forming a critical understanding around it. So engage in these myriad activities and make this Independence Day a memorable and productive one! Have some more ideas to share? Comment!

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