Pokemon Go has literally taken over everyone’s life, beating tinder in the U.S as the most installed app. Only the lord of all apps snapchat is ahead of it. In terms of google search, it has been dominating the search terms, beating porn! Who would have thought, right? It is a free to play game, which you can of course include in your free things to do in Delhi/ Kolkata, whichever city you are in. It tracks your location and augments your reality so that you can locate and catch Pokemon in real life too. It has been launched in selected countries but if you have been itching to try it, like the rest of humanity, you can download it from here.

C- Gameranx

C- Gameranx

But just as much happiness playing Pokemon Go brings to the people running around everyone, catching Pokemon with their smartphones, there are people who are wondering whether or not they should jump in the bandwagon and try the game. Well, if you are one of the non gaming kind, but are excited about trying a new game, let it be Pokemon Go! Not because everyone is playing (which is actually a pretty good reason to play it, since in gaming as it goes, the more the better) but it is a fantastic game, even for gaming beginners. So here we have compiled a list of reasons why you should be playing Pokemon Go, so get started now!

The game is easy and fun for beginners too

Download it and the let the fun begin! The interface is easy and your mobile screen shows you whether or not there are any pokemons around. You just need to throw your pokeball in the right manner so that the pokemon gets caught. Of course the Pokemon will try to  deflect the ball and it’s not that easy but you gotta keep tryin to catch ‘em all!

Catch cute monsters in your pockets

Well not in reality but the simulated experience is just as good. If you are one of those who have experienced the Pokemon phenomena of the 90s, you are definitely going to get nostalgic about your childhood and yes, you get to live your childhood dream of becoming a Pokemon trainer like Ash. Also, you can evolve these cute creatures into powerful ones as you level up.

Exercise your legs while having fun

Ever heard videogames being good for you? No, right? But with Pokemon Go, you have to walk around a lot. It’s not one of those games where you just sit on your ass staring at the screen, shooting aliens and saving the world. Here you need to actually walk and catch Pokemon in real life locations.

Explore new places while you’re at it

There is a lot of physical movement required to catch Pokemon. So why not take this opportunity to explore parts of the city that you have been meaning to go to for a long time? Especially those parts that are not frequented by humans but hopefully by rare Pokemon. Move and level up!

Meet fun people aka Pokemon Go enthusiasts

Share your Pokemon mania with other gamers by joining or organising Pokewalks around the city. Not only does the enjoyment for game increases manifolds, you also get to meet new people! Here and here are some of the  Pokewalk events around Delhi that you can take a look at.

Own a training gym

Yes, once you level up, you can own a training gym or challenge someone who already owns one. You can train your Pokemon there and challenge other players for a fight!

If you have kids, play it with them

If you are looking to do activities with your kids to strengthen the bonding, one could be to go on travelling with them, which requires careful preparations but is just as rewarding and if you can’t, you can play Pokemon Go with them. Helping your child catch Pokemon is gratifying indeed and the other added advantage is they get to leave that room of theirs and actually explore things. Sounds perfect, right?

There is always a first time for anything and if you just want to try something fun but challenging as well ( and it is for free!) let it be Pokemon Go. In case you are already enjoying catching Pokemon, head to the Itch List and let us know how your experience with the game has been.
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