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The North East Series: Sikkim

Everything you need to know about Sikkim in a concise manner! Read all about food, activities and tourist destinations that are both popular as well as off beat. This season, expand your horizon and explore a whole new place!

/ October 30, 2016
romatic travel itch list

Romantic Vacation Ideas for your Bucket List

Bucket list ideas for every kind of couple- the adventure enthusiasts, the travel and art connoisseurs and the foodies!

/ February 14, 2016
climbing Niagara Falls

Amazing Adventurers Who Scratched their Itch In 2015

Each year continues to surprise us with the level of awesomeness that people bring to their game. Stories that are rare, only expected in fables and truly deserve to be described as “LEGENDARY”, only continue to multiply and flabbergast us!...

/ January 3, 2016
Motorbiked from Gujarat to London – The Silk Odyssey

Motorbiked from Gujarat to London – The Silk Odyssey

54 year old Kumar Jayantilal Shah, the publisher of Vadodara Samachar, set out to do something few would dare to imagine and fewer manage to accomplish. Combining the passion of motorbiking and the zeal for a cause, he has traversed...

/ December 7, 2015

Taking Paragliding In India To New Heights

Meet Sanjay Rao, who single handedly transformed Kamshet, an off-the-map region in Maharashtra into an adventure hub. Sanjay was introduced to free flight in 1997 and set up Nirvana Adventures at Kamshet, with the aim to develop the region as a...

/ October 6, 2015

Paragliding and How It Changes You

Kalyan has always had recurring dreams about flying since childhood and today he travels and flies freely around the world. What started off as a little program initiated by a TV show echoed and he took up the cause further....

/ October 6, 2015

Why You Need To Watch Everest Now!

The movie Everest makes no bones about itself. It is what it is and you got to give it to technology, the 3D experience really does immerse you and for 2 hours, you forget everything else in the vicinity. Here...

/ September 18, 2015

Boat Races in God’s Own Country

For most of us living abroad and even in India itself, the boat race in Kerala is not unheard of. Attracting thousands of tourists from across the globe, Vallam Kali (literally boat game) is one of the largest sporting events...

/ September 14, 2015

Get out of the comfort zone!

Back when I was a kid, there was a show called Takeshi’s castle where people would run crazy obstacle courses and get out when they failed to finish the task. Several shows in a similar format were released due to...

/ July 29, 2015
Bungee jump India The Itch List

3…. 2…1… Bungee!

3, 2, 1 and jump. Yes it’s that simple….!  On the count of three seconds I jumped off a cliff with only a rubber cord attached to my feet. The jump was brief; It was all over in 30 seconds....

/ December 12, 2014