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Kathi rolls at Zaika, Jadavpur

Food Trail Kolkata: 10 things you must eat!

The City of Joy isn’t called so for nothing! From history, art, culture and food- Kolkata is an eclectic mix of the heart and soul that enlivens the mind. Home to a diverse population that is of course predominantly Bengali,...

/ June 14, 2016
china street food

Through a Gastronomic Lens

Food as a Window to Lifestyle For someone who reverses the age old adage that one must eat to live and not live to eat, the word foodie is an understatement. Food is not merely the stock three meals of...

/ June 1, 2016

Halloween In India- What’s The Scene?

A lot of times the response we like to give people is “an eye for an eye”. And then we forget Gandhi’s admirable response to that was it makes the world blind. So, often when people wonder about Halloween in...

/ October 30, 2015
Real Wasabi and it's edible leaves

10 Items Vegetarian Foodies Should Have On Their Itch List

When was the last time you heard being a vegetarian means you miss out on the good things in life? Do you hear that every single time? Are those annoying carnivores telling you herbivores have no choice when it comes...

/ August 25, 2015

Barbecue this weekend?

 I always wondered what’s so great about chicken on fire? That was before I got a chance to try it out. But once I did, there was nothing I craved more.☺ So, Barbecue this weekend? A campfire, smell of meat...

/ February 13, 2015