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Should you play Pokemon Go?

Pokemon Go has literally taken over everyone’s life, beating tinder in the U.S as the most installed app. Only the lord of all apps snapchat is ahead of it. In terms of google search, it has been dominating the search...

/ July 24, 2016
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12 Free Things to do in Delhi

Yes, that is not a contradictory, paradoxical, Schrodinger’s cat in a box or not in the box sentence. ‘Tis is true. There are things in Delhi that you can actually do for free! Delhi might stand at number three, right...

/ July 12, 2016
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Inspiring People Featured on the Itch List

It’s been a brilliant year at The Itch List! From meet-ups to interviews, campaigns to contests- it’s been a year of learning and growing each minute. And of course we are telling you that there is not enough time and...

/ December 29, 2015
Motorbiked from Gujarat to London – The Silk Odyssey

Motorbiked from Gujarat to London – The Silk Odyssey

54 year old Kumar Jayantilal Shah, the publisher of Vadodara Samachar, set out to do something few would dare to imagine and fewer manage to accomplish. Combining the passion of motorbiking and the zeal for a cause, he has traversed...

/ December 7, 2015

Why Watching Ram Leela Live Was Such A Revelation

Growing up on tales of the Ramayana, the Mahabharata, Panchatantra, Jataka Tales and so many many more, cultural festivals are the heart of soul of India. Despite the fading fad over watching Ram Leela live amongst current generations, these shows...

/ October 22, 2015
The Original Oktoberfest: Beer Heaven

The Original Oktoberfest: Beer Heaven

We all have heard about the Oktoberfest, we have probably even been to one. One of the dozens of  watered-down Oktoberfests that happen in almost every city and town, that is. But let me break it to you, those are...

/ October 15, 2015
So many ways to Fly: Parasailing vs Paragliding vs Hang gliding

So many ways to Fly: Parasailing vs Paragliding vs Hang gliding

Who doesn’t itch to fly? When Wright brothers invented the first aircraft it was a landmark invention not only because of the ease in transport it was going to bring but also because it satiated the deep human desire to...

/ October 12, 2015

Taking Paragliding In India To New Heights

Meet Sanjay Rao, who single handedly transformed Kamshet, an off-the-map region in Maharashtra into an adventure hub. Sanjay was introduced to free flight in 1997 and set up Nirvana Adventures at Kamshet, with the aim to develop the region as a...

/ October 6, 2015

Paragliding and How It Changes You

Kalyan has always had recurring dreams about flying since childhood and today he travels and flies freely around the world. What started off as a little program initiated by a TV show echoed and he took up the cause further....

/ October 6, 2015
Itchy Tales - Siblings adventures

Itchy Tales: Adventures You Didn’t Plan On Having!

Planning life is impossible right? We know that plans change, get disrupted and nothing is in our control. Here’s a little celebration of the chaos of life and our sheer futility to try and control it. We asked The Itch...

/ September 24, 2015

Why I was wrong about the Formula 1

2011, the first time that Formula 1 came to India was also the first time that I witnessed a Formula 1 race at a circuit! LIVE! There was so much excitement across cities which were practically painted in the chequered...

/ September 21, 2015

Why You Need To Watch Everest Now!

The movie Everest makes no bones about itself. It is what it is and you got to give it to technology, the 3D experience really does immerse you and for 2 hours, you forget everything else in the vicinity. Here...

/ September 18, 2015