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Relishing every flavour of life – to the max!

It took Umang just a year in the industry to realize that finance was not his calling. So he joined an online travel company, headquartered in Bangalore. This allows him to travel frequently around Bangalore and he manages to take...

/ August 11, 2015
Adyasha Wandering mind

Adyasha’s Wanderings – Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop.

Wanderlust: A strong desire to travel. A longing for places you don’t know. It stimulates your imagination and makes you daydream of foreign lands. Meet a happy victim of this addictive and incurable Wanderlust. Adyasha Dash, recommends travelling to liberate the soul. An extensive...

/ July 6, 2015

5 cards for your Dad on Father’s Day!

Now that Dad’s are tech savvy enough, you could share these with them 🙂 If you would want us to customise any of these cards for your dad, just ask! Happy Father’s Day! Dads: Saying more with less from the...

/ June 18, 2015

The Itch List Vocabulary

One of the things we hear most of you like about The Itch List is it’s striking vocabulary 🙂 The joy of doing a thing is not as much as that of scratching an itch 😉 So here’s a collection...

/ June 10, 2015