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Itchy Tales: Seeking Eccentric Adventures

Here at the Itch List, we like to push boundaries and constantly seek out individuals who do just that. Going against the grain is a difficult choice, but read about Mohit Pradhan who took the leap and hasn’t looked back...

/ October 3, 2016
mother's day

Mother’s Day Special: Supermom Secrets

Mother’s Day is around the corner and we could not pass up an opportunity to talk about the most important women in our lives! We all know mothers are the most sacrificing, multi-talented people on earth that are responsible for...

/ May 6, 2016
Safari ride through Corbett National park (C) Corbett National Park

8 National Parks in India Which Deserves a Space in Your Bucket list

Take advantage of the best time to visit these bits of paradise on earth.

/ March 3, 2016
Abhinav at the Everest base camp

Itch to Explore Off Beat and Underrated Places

Abhinav Singh is a 33 year old travel blogger from India who has traveled to 100 destinations in 20 states of India since 2010. Though he enjoys all genres of travel, he is passionate about adventure, trekking, rural tourism, spiritual,...

/ January 4, 2016
climbing Niagara Falls

Amazing Adventurers Who Scratched their Itch In 2015

Each year continues to surprise us with the level of awesomeness that people bring to their game. Stories that are rare, only expected in fables and truly deserve to be described as “LEGENDARY”, only continue to multiply and flabbergast us!...

/ January 3, 2016
Meher world map

Inspiring People Featured on the Itch List

It’s been a brilliant year at The Itch List! From meet-ups to interviews, campaigns to contests- it’s been a year of learning and growing each minute. And of course we are telling you that there is not enough time and...

/ December 29, 2015
Motorbiked from Gujarat to London – The Silk Odyssey

Motorbiked from Gujarat to London – The Silk Odyssey

54 year old Kumar Jayantilal Shah, the publisher of Vadodara Samachar, set out to do something few would dare to imagine and fewer manage to accomplish. Combining the passion of motorbiking and the zeal for a cause, he has traversed...

/ December 7, 2015

A Poetic Sojourn Through Off-Beat Places

Ankita Shreeram is a writer and a journalist by profession (the two things aren’t always the same, she states categorically). Living in Mumbai currently, she has been to 14 states and 3 countries (and many more lined up this year)....

/ July 21, 2015