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The North East Series: Manipur

Facts About Manipur Jawaharlal Nehru called Manipur, “The Jewel of India” The international sport of Polo was invented first in Manipur! It is known as Sagol Kangjei. When the British came to Manipur, they were so impressed, they went on...

/ November 5, 2016

Announcing All New Itchy Merchandise!

Amazing things are happening here at The Itch List! We have got an Itchy Getaway lined up for you and Itch List even made it into the Urban Dictionary! Our group of achievers has grown from strength to strength and...

/ June 6, 2016
Find the Joy!

The Bucket List Movie Review

More Than a Bucket List! To have checked a bucket list is in many ways to have lived, to have found the untainted joys of life in the corners and crevices of the world, and to have discovered again what...

/ May 31, 2016
People Judge you by the Wine you order copy

What Your Wine Preference Says About You

Wine-snobs begin to judge you even before the whole sniffing and swirling and stuff begins. It starts with what you order! People Judge you by your wine preference. Let us tell you how!

/ February 3, 2016

From Wine Newbie to Wine Enthusiast – Wine Tasting Basics

A beginners guide to Wine Tasting by The Itch List. Follow these steps and you won't be intimidated by the wine-snobs anymore!

/ January 28, 2016

10 Most Popular Treks in India (Trekker’s Bucket list)

Compiling popular treks for both newbies and avid adventure enthusiasts. Scratched some, need to add some more? Tell us more about your experience in the comment section.

/ January 18, 2016
lahesh caves-climbing the summit beyond triund

The Story of 15 Treks in 12 Months

Nitish Waila (26) is currently a freelance Design Consultant, Trek Designer and Photographer based at Noida (Delhi-NCR). During the course of the treks though, he worked as an Art Director for Zomato. Like a lot of other inspiring people on...

/ January 17, 2016

Popular Experiences and Trends in 2015

The long year of 365 days is drawing to its end and like everything else, it’s time to look back and reminisce the year gone by. For some of us, it’s been a year of action and jam-packed shuffle between...

/ December 21, 2015
The Itch List’s Secret to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution – Don’t Keep it a Secret

The Itch List’s Secret to Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution – Don’t Keep it a Secret

The Itch List’s secret to keeping your New Year’s Resolution – Don’t keep it a secret. How many times have you broken a New Year’s resolution? If your answer is all the time, 2016 might just be different. The Itch...

/ December 16, 2015

10 Photos without which a Road Trip is Incomplete

There’s nothing like a good road trip. The best part of a road-trip are the detours, new discoveries and the infinite photos. From the road trips we have taken and the road trip experiences shared by The Itch List members,...

/ December 14, 2015

John Goddard: The List and Life of an Adventurer

As many dreamy eyed 15 year old boys, John Goddard dreamed of adventures in faraway lands: climbing the world’s most perilous peaks, navigating its major rivers and exploring its most remote regions. But unlike any other dreamer, Goddard had the...

/ September 10, 2015
Itchy tales: Sibling adventures

Fight Procrastination Day – 6 Ways To Stop Putting Things Off

Today, 6th September is declared as ‘Fight Procrastination Day’. If The Itch List was a place to list all the ways to put off the things you’re really itching to do, it would have been as (or maybe more) popular....

/ September 6, 2015