One of the things we hear most of you like about The Itch List is it’s striking vocabulary 🙂 The joy of doing a thing is not as much as that of scratching an itch 😉

So here’s a collection of all the words and phrases used on that we love as much as you!

Itch - the itch list

Itch: to have a strong desire to do something or get something

Scratch - the itch list

Scratch: to cancel or strike out an itch, DO what you’re itching to

Itch List - The Itch List

Itch List: A list of all the things you are itching to do

(Climb Mount Everest. Learn to Salsa. Hug Ryan Gosling. Everything goes!)

Scratchbook - the itch list

ScratchBook: a record of all the itches you have scratched-off (completed)

Trending itches - the itch list

Trending itches: The most popular things people are itching to do

Cheer - the itch list

Cheer: a shout of encouragement, praise, or joy

Stories of us - the itch list

Stories of us: the stories of’s users as they go about scratching off itches

Buddy up - the itch list

Buddy-up: a feature that lets you befriend any one you find interesting on

Chat - the itch list

Chat: an open forum to share learnings, experiences, tips on

Wall of fame - the itch list

Wall of Fame: Recognising people who have scratched impressive things off their itch lists

Itch of the day - the itch list

Itch of The Day: A new inspiring idea suggested by every day

Itchynomics - Itch of the day

Itchynomics: a comic strip reminding people to start scratching their itches

Come on then, get going on your itch list!


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