Taking that dream road trip with friends, exploring that exotic destination with your besties or planning the ultimate destination bachelor(ette) party – is something you’re probably already saving up for. In fact, Bollywood movies like Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, have made everyone put ‘Traveling with Friends’ on their Itch List!

But traveling with friends (especially with your besties) is not as easy as it sounds! Traveling to new destinations with friends can sometimes make you come back hating your friend! Okay that was too harsh, may be not hating, but never wanting to travel with friends again.

If you’re itching to travel with your buddies, here are 5 tips to make that trip easier! So this Friendship Day, go ahead and book tickets to the destination you are itching to explore with your friends!

Structure the Trip

Museums or Hot Air Ballooning? Once you decide the destination (which often ends up in WW-III), discuss and agree on what you wish to do on the trip and how. Adventure sports, Culture, Relax on beach – discuss what the elements that everyone wants to do (so your buddy doesn’t have to sulk while you drag him to the museum of fossils from the Mesozoic era)! Also discuss details of how – take a bus ride across towns or self drive, stay in hostels or hotels, go luxury or budget. Worth spending that time planning than bickering while you’re actually on the trip.

Traveling with Friends

What’s the Budget

Discuss how much everyone wants to spend on this holiday and arrive at an agreeable budget. This will be the starting point to decide whether you re staying in luxury hotels or dorms, taking that flight across towns or an overnight bus. Also decide how you will split budgets for daily spends like meals. Some guys create a ‘money bank’ with equal contribution from everyone that is used for all spends on the trip (irrespective of who consumes what). Some groups does a ‘pay for yourself’ approach. So it’s good to agree on it before you go.

Traveling with friends_Hostel_Budget

Share Rooms?

While it’s great for your wallet to share rooms, it may not necessarily be great for your friendship! Often, friends squabble over petty things like sharing bathrooms or sleeping habits. So unless you have been roomies all your college life or in general okay with sharing rooms with anyone, choose to stay in separate rooms during your trip. This will also give everyone some ‘me’ time.

Traveling-with-friends_Sharing a room

Agree to Disagree!

So it’s okay to agree to disagree sometimes. You don’t HAVE to be together each minute of your trip. If there are parts of the itinerary that you don’t agree on, you can some times split for a day and do different things of your choice! So you can go hiking while your buddy could be spending the day at the pool with some beer.


Are you all set to travel with your buddies? Add it to your Itch List now.



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  1. This is so bang on! And this is precisely the reason i tell newly married couples to go for Honeymoon 6 months after marriage – instead of right after the ceremonies. Especially when it is an arranged marriage. There need to be certain thumbholes defined and shared interests identified – which may be difficult to discuss in the beginning of a relationship!


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